a time when you wish you were at work

This weekend was all not about me.

Which was a major disappointment given the last few days at work.

I had a dinner party to attend in my friend's honor. So I spent some time prettying myself up for a night out.

I readied myself Amara for Tuesday and her first day of kindergarten.

I ironed.

I mopped.

And I took care of a sick Dad2Amara.

And while I accept responsibility for my motherly duties, I'm ready for a day at work. Away from the vacuum.

I have a new boss. Yet I'd rather be at work than at home right now.

It doesn't help that we're still living out of boxes because the Grey House still isn't ready.

And that means still no Internet or cable.

So I'm getting just a bit testy.

At least there's cable at work.


  1. Been there! I remember those days when I couldn't wait for the relative peace and quiet of my office! ;-)
    And, these days, sometimes I long for Monday mornings and for when I will have the house to myself again. My kids don't start school again until next Tuesday and I can hardly wait!

  2. hang in there. good luck on Amara's first day.


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