a trip not for families

Second time's a charm.

After breaking Amara's heart and telling her we could not go to Cedar Point last month, Dad2Amara and I were able to take a day off from work and take her to the amusement park this week.

I remember a time when I loved Cedar Point. It was the highlight of my summer. Growing up so close to the park, we'd go at least once a season. I'd hit ever roller coaster. And we'd stay from the moment they opened the gates until closing time.

But now it's so different as a parent.

Amara hit every kiddie ride there was. And then hit them again.

And we tried to get her on a few "adult" rides but she's just a hair shy of riding some of the more thrilling attractions.

But she was able to go on this ride with me.

By the time we were done, it was already dinner.

I couldn't believe it.

I am old!

Being a mom chasing a five-year-old girl, I lost track of time.

When was I going to get a chance to ride Millennium Force?

This definitely became a trip not for families.

But it was alright. I resigned to the fact that everything really is all about Amara.

And I'm ok with that.


  1. I havent been to Cedar Point in ages.

    I always gave my freebies to Stadler when he would beg for more to take his boys!

    Oh ... just read the web award post too ... I'm not worthy ... and finding 7 that I read might be tough ... but I'll try!


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