did I put a target on my daughter's back?

Amara starts kindergarten one week from today.

Or so I thought.

Because we had received no information on school, Dad2Amara and I were left to trust the online school calendar.

And it clearly marks Monday, August 25th as the first day of school.

So when a friend mentioned that Monday was actually the first day for all grades but kindergarten, I became pissed off concerned.

So Dad2Amara called the school. The secretary said there was no orientation date yet.

So I called the district's board of education building. The woman who answered didn't have an answer.

I asked for the superintendent's office. I mean seriously, someone had to know, right?

No one had an answer. So I finally asked to speak directly to the big cheese. The superintendent would surely have a list of important dates for the district, including kindergarten orientation, right?

Wrong. Or so says the woman answering his phone.

But she was able to conveniently find Amara's principal who happened to be able to take my call then and there.

She gave me the info I needed. Orientation is the 25th.

But the principal also passed my name along to the school secretary, who called the next day.

And to some PTA lady who called shortly after.

Yeah, they know Mom2Amara.

I think Amara may be known at her school already. I hope they don't hate her already.


  1. Wow. Sounds as organized as a certain TV newsroom.

    Oops, did I say that out loud? :)

  2. Sounds as organized as ANY tv newsroom! LOL Or at least the one I'm in right now! ;)


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