it's not even the first day and I have issues

The family attended Amara's first school open house Thursday night.

The first thing I noticed was the sheer number of families there. All of them seemingly already knew each other. Perhaps neighbors. Maybe with older kids who have already gone through this process before. None of whom knew us.

Then I noticed how the PTA moms shied away from us. I can't help but take that personally.

At that moment, I realized I was drenched with sweat. The perspiration was had to ignore. Amara's school has no air conditioning. All those tax dollars and no air. Yikes.

It's not even the first day of school and Mom2Amara has managed to piss off Amara's principal, scowl at the PTA moms, and curse under my breath at the lack of air conditioning.

Am I really supposed to be this unhappy the first week of school?


  1. Boy ... between the dance moms and the PTA moms ... they all have it in for you! :)

  2. William's school has no air either. Why didn't I bother to find that out before I spent $200 at Lands End on heavy knit polo's, and other stuff?

    And yeah, we don't know anyone either. And we've lived in our house for almost 4 months.

  3. sorry, momma. starting ANYTHING new can certainly be tough.. especially in suburbia. I find I'm a heck of a lot more stressed about rhena doing things than she ever gets.... simply because I KNOW that beneath the plastic smiles are tongues ready to wag when given any bit of gossip.

    HOWEVER.... even among all the superficials.. there will be some moms/families that are just like you. Amara WILL be fine. she'll make friends, she'll be liked, and no doubt, she will flourish.

    how can she not? she's a beautiful and smart little girl and comes from a good family.

    hang in there!

  4. When we moved to Chagrin years ago, and Ali started kindergarten, I also knew no one. On top of that I was the *only* working mom out of all the mothers in her class. Yeah, I felt like Odd Mom Out. Fast forward to today--Ali is a well-adjusted freshman, and I have numerous Chagrin mom-friends! (Bunco is a great start... book clubs are good too!) Give it time, you and Amara will sail on through!

  5. My lord...bitch bitch bitch...


    We have problems with a kid who bullies my 8 y.o. and they're in the same class when they shouldn't be..

    Ah a new school year. I want to scream..

  6. Amara is a adorable and you are terrific. Folks will warm to both of you - and if they don't, screw them. ;-)
    And once the temperature drops, as it will soon, the lack of air will mean a lot less....hang in there.

  7. Susan - wow, we both hit Lands End?! Weird.

    Renee - she's in high school now?! Unbelievable!


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