lessons learned on the first day of school

I started school all over again Tuesday.

And I felt like I was given a book and then the final exam immediately afterwards.

The butterflies were in my stomach. Not Amara's.

And even at my age, I realized that I could still learn a few lessons.

Amara is her mother's daughter. She pranced down the stairs in her new clothes and told Dog2Amara,
"Please don't come near me. You'll mess up my cute outfit!"

Yet there's a certain finality when a mom places her only child on the school bus for the very first time.

But as a mom, you look back at the wonderful milestones that have passed.

Then you look forward to the ones that are to come.

And you realize just how blessed you are to have a beautiful child.

(We checked out the Grey House again...want to see? Click here.)


  1. Ahhh! How sweet! Amara looks precious! For mommy2Amara, I offer a tissue and a hug. << HUGS >>

  2. Glad the first day went well. Great pic of the 2 of you. Isn't it funny how we're the ones that are nervous?

  3. she's beautiful!!!
    Watch out Kindergarten-I have a feeling Amara may be ruling the school!

  4. Such an important milestone!! I got a little teary...:-)
    And you and Amara both look so beautiful!


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