me? on a jury?

I got my summons in the mail last week, presumably days after other potential jurors because our mail from the Yellow House is still being forwarded to the Grey House.

Because I work in a newsroom, I've been able to get co-workers out of jury duty for a variety of reasons.

But my boss failed to get me dismissed.

So every day this week, I've called with bated breath to see if I'd be called in.

And now today, I sit at the Justice Center. Waiting.

Luckily I have my Starbucks in hand so I can people watch.

And I'm glad I have the Crackberry to keep me company.

I'm the only one with either.

And I'm one of three minorities in the room.

I think I should ready myself for a long day.


  1. The crackberry can be such a handy friend. I've been known to get the shakes without it. Also, I live in Upstate NY, my favorite game to play is how many minorities are in the room. I can usually count them all on one hand and that includes myself.

  2. Good luck with jury duty. Even though its technically not possible I was called for Jury Duty every year for about 5 years. Ive never made it to the inside of the court room. I just sit outside and wait and usually read a book. Good luck! Its never a fun day!

  3. So what happened? I am thinking that you might already have enough on your plate...;-)

  4. If you ever actually get selected for a trial, you might find it interesting. I've been called to jury duty twice and both times I was selected (prolly cause of my amazing fashion sense). One case was a murder that was eventually plea-bargained, the other a drug sting conducted by the police. On the latter, I actually got to hold a bag of crack cocaine in my hands when the evidence bags were passed around. Still one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

  5. Jury Duty, Hmmm??

    Likely excuse. What'd you do? Kill a man just to watch him die?


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