profound thoughts from a 5 year old

Amara and I went to visit Aunt2Amara Saturday.

The two hour drive with her was a lot of fun. We sang along with Sirius and played "I spy."

Then we spent time with Uncle and Aunt2Amara. Lolo and Lola2Amara made the drive down as well.

But by evening, Amara didn't want to go home. So Lola2Amara offered to take her back home Sunday, leaving me to make the trip north by myself.

No problem except Amara had no clothes, no pajamas, no toothbrush.

So off to Target we went.

But see, where Aunt2Amara lives, there's a Target Greatland. Amara's never seen one of those.

So as we approached the store, Amara pondered life with this insightful thought:
Mom, why is this Target a Greatland? Aren't all Target's great?"
Gawd, I love that girl.


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