the shoe that was made for her

So I went to the mall for the second day in a row. And I had Dad2Amara in tow.

Since I already bought a purse, I went to the girls' department to see what I could pick up for Amara.

And there they were.

The perfect shoe for my daughter.

Amara loves bling. And she loves chunky heels.

Dad2Amara took one look at them and gagged. He hated them.

But when I picked them up to check out the price, I realized there was no way Dad2Amara would be able to say no.

The shoe's name is Amara.

And its brand is Nina...the name of Amara's best friend.

This shoe was made for my child.


  1. that's hilarious.

    i think the shoemaker has been reading your blog and was thinking there's no way she'll pass up this shoe for her daughter, we can even mark-up the price by $50.

    congrats amara on the new shooz.

  2. Yeah, even if they were $75, sadly I'd probably buy them.

  3. OMG! How cool is that! A shoe named Amara! :D


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