this is it

Today is the first day of school.

Of kindergarten.

Of the rest of her life.

All of this hype.

Yet there are no tears from Mom2Amara my daughter.

But to get us ready for the big day, I told Amara we needed to do a trial run.

So on Monday, I attempted to wake a sleeping Amara.

I wasn't too successful.

But she finally gave in and dressed, brushed, and ate.

To get her in the habit of taking a backpack and lunch box, I made her load of all her belongings into the car.

And off we went.

Where you ask?

To the Grey House.

Since we got the unfortunate news that the Grey House would not be completed until the end of September, I must now drive Amara to her bus stop. (Want to know more about what's going on with the Grey House? You know where to click.)

Amara even got out of the mom-mobile to check out her stop.

All seemed to go OK. I'm hoping all goes smoothly this morning as well.

I'll post pictures when I can of Amara's first day of school outfit.

Happy first day of school to all moms and kids everywhere!


  1. Good luck!!! I'll be anxious to see pictures!

  2. Good luck today! It's harder on us than it is on them. Can't wait to hear about her 1st day.

  3. Monday morning's sleeping Amara is exactly how sleeping Emily looked yesterday at 6 am! Hopefully Amara will grow out of her dread of mornings quicker than I have!


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