Wii want one

I think I'm always the last to get the latest gadgets.

I'm certainly nothing like Taawd. He's up on all technology way before anyone else I know.

So when we went to see Aunt2Amara this weekend, I was surprised to see she had a Wii.

I had heard of my friends owning a Wii. Or playing Wii until the wee hours of the morning at parties.

But I've never come so close to one. So obviously neither has Amara.

Yet it only took Amara a matter of minutes to pick it up.

She was playing golf and bowling like she was a pro-athlete. (Although I think the bowling gene is in her. She is, after all, part Polish and part Filipino.)

Lolo and Lola2Amara took part in the Wii fun as well.

And now that we're home, Amara's been asking for a Wii nonstop. We hit Best Buy today with Dad2Amara and she asked for me. Asked again when we ran into Walmart.

Aunt2Amara created a monster.

But I wouldn't mind getting one for the new house...

Side note: Totally digressing but want to know what else we wanted? To get into the Grey House. And guess what. Sometimes, it just takes a little persistence. Click here to see what we did!