a gold star the first week of school

Given our current childcare situation (we have none) and my crazy work hours (that whole 6 p.m. news thing), Dad2Amara and I have a set schedule during the school year.

I wait with Amara in the morning for the bus to pick her up. Dad2Amara goes to work early so that he can be at the house when the school bus rolls home in the afternoon.

But that means I don't get home from work until dinnertime.

Typically I walk in the house and get hammered with, "Mom, I'm hungry."

But not last Friday.

Amara ran into my arms, with a new toy and a certificate in tow.

She apparently was named the first week of school's "star student."

Teacher2Amara said it was for her "wonderful writing."

I don't know what that means. But I think I'm impressed (as every mom would be) that my daughter was the first child honored.

Yeah, her name starts with "A" and it could all be alphabetical.

But a mom can be proud, right?


  1. Of course you can! How exciting for Amara to be the 1st student to receive the award. That's a big deal in kindergarten.


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