allergic to exercise...seriously

While I've been quiet here recently about my personal battle with the scale, it doesn't mean it no longer exists.

An asthma flare up.

A trying period of time at work.

The big yet-to-happen move. (60 hours until we get the keys in case you're keeping track.)

Amara starting school. And getting all of us used to the new schedule.

But now I no longer have excuses. And I have found myself at the gym every morning for nearly a week.

Bright and early in the morning. 5 a.m. bright and early.

And I love it.

But just as I'm convincing myself that I'm loving it, I read about an allergy I have.

I'm allergic to exercise. Seriously.

Women's Health Magazine tells me so.

I have exercise urticaria.

I always wondered why after spending an hour on the elliptical my skin felt stretched. And I itched. A lot.

Then I'd get home and my hands would be swollen.

That's the urticaria for you.

While I tried to keep the excuses to a minimum. I think this one may hold. [snicker]

Now if I could only convince my trainer...


  1. I have the same exact thing! I break out in an itchy red rash/hives when exercising. My husband thought I was crazy b/c he knows how much I *love* it. Good for you getting to the gym. I've been sticking to my shred but I've got a ways to go. Baby steps...

  2. I think your trainer will simply laugh! :)

    I'm glad you are sticking to it - I've seemingly lost my mojo.

  3. Are we related?

    I too, have been quiet about my battle with the scale, I'm afraid to say a word.

  4. I was told I have "colonergic" urtecaria (I'm not sure about the spelling). It has to do with changes in temp. I get hives, for instance, if I run when it's cold out. My body and skin are hot, but the air is cold. It's never been dangerous, just itchy. Not sure if it's the same thing as what you're describing


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