being attracted to bad boys

It's so cliche.

But Amara's attracted to the bad boys.

How do I know that about my five-year-old daughter already?

She told me so. Very matter of factly at that.

Amara explained how she and her friend Cassidy try to "destroy" the bad boy club.

(Note: I did ask Dad2Amara if by destroy she really meant jump. And by "jump"... you get the picture.)

My daughter said she and Cassidy are the only two girls to play with the boys. The bad boys.

Figures she'd go after the ones who are cocky and arrogant.

So here's my warning to my kindergartner: Love 'em, then leave 'em, Amara. Because they'll just hurt you in the end. And you'll want to have the upper hand!

That's love, kindergarten style!

My 2nd blogoversary was last week. I remembered it the week before last. And then of course forgot all about it on the actual day. [blush] It's such a Mom2Amara thing to do. I forget my wedding anniversary and Dad2Amara's birthday. So I'm not surprised I'd forget the blogoversary. But I'd like to say thank you to everyone who's visited, commented, and supported me over the last two years. It's been a pleasure hanging around!


  1. Happy Blogoversary!!

    Interesting tidbit about the bad boys. When my oldest started preschool, there was a bad boy. My son is such a rule follower but there was something about this kid that intrigued him. Eventually my son got tired of being in trouble and decided it wasn't worth it to pal around with the bad boy.

    I haven't seen this yet with my daughter (also in kindergarten). I'll be curious to see if this develops or if she even tells me. At least Amara tells you things!

  2. Happy Blogoversary! I would say I'd take you out for a drink, but it seems we are 2 magnets who are unable to get together for drinks, dinner or girls night out!

    I was attracted to the bad boys. And look where it got me, ALONE! HA HA!. But seriously, Mom would always say, "that's what I love about you, you see the GOOD in everyone!!"


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