can I get an amen?

I can now proudly say that we have finally found a church that the entire family can agree on.

You might remember how I was insulted by a priest at one church. (And for the record, he insulted me a second time in a completely different sermon. So we called it quits at that church.)

And I really wasn't fond of the church we were at prior to moving.

So we went church shopping.

And eureka. We found it.

The church was built in the 1800's by some local Germans. That makes Dad2Amara happy.

There's a Sunday school class. That makes Amara happy. (Speaking of which, why have so many churches scaled back on holding Sunday school? It's going to be so nice to have a daughter that understands the church's teachings because she'll have some sort of formal education.)

And the church has minorities. That makes me happy. Diversity was really important to me.

So as the skies open up and the angels sing "alleluia," Mom2Amara is shouting a huge "amen!"