I can be like Sarah Palin

I try to stay away from politics.

I have a definite view on the world. I am a proud member of a political party.

But because I work in broadcast news, I try to keep my views to myself. I hate when my industry is called "biased."

Yet I cannot help but cringe when I see the scrutiny Sarah Palin has endured. Can she be both a mother and the Vice President?

Of course she can.

God love her for having five kids. I have Amara and have a hard time keeping up.

But heaven knows she wouldn't be the first mom to have a successful career.

But that's not why I can be like Sarah Palin.

I can be like her because the same evening she gave the speech of her life, accepting her party nomination - I too "joined the PTA."

Oh boy.

Yes, I attended my first PTA meeting at Amara's school.

Surprisingly, I pulled into the school's parking lot and was flagged down by a mom I knew from Amara's preschool. Her daughter is a year older than Amara. It made me feel less uneasy knowing there was at least one mom (a minority mom at that) I knew in the group.

The feel of the night was awkward.

The President was not well versed. I don't expect everyone to be a great public speaker. But I do expect an explanation of duties before having a clipboard with a sign up sheet shoved in my face.

I went to prove that working parents could "come to school and wipe noses" as its President told us at orientation.

Then Madame President spoke about how us moms are critical to the success of the organization.

Moms? What about dads? Last time I checked, it was PARENT Teacher Association not the MTA.

I guess I'm still not clear on their objectives.

But there is a silver lining. ((smirk))

One woman actually said, "I'm always available. I have four kids but can still check my email and answer my cell."

See. If she can do it, if Sarah Palin can do it, then so can I.


  1. But do you REALLY want to be like Sarah Palin?

    I agree though that anyone claiming she can't be VP because she has 5 kids is silly.

    But you know what I'm seeing ... I'm seeing both sides citing a lot of blog traffic in this campaign ... blogs that may have nothing to do with those running for office.

  2. great post!

    i can almost see Palin talking in a split screen with your PTA prez. i'm sure one didn't deliver the message with the same charisma.

    i hate being "non-biased" sometimes.

  3. I am like Sarah Palin because we have, apparently, the same hairdo.

  4. Yeah, but you can NOT be like Sarah Palin in that you are not a Jesus Freak, you do not attend state secessionist meetings and you are not in favor of banning books from libraries.


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