the dog ate her homework

Can I vent?

Where would the world be without moms?

Don't get me wrong. Dad2Amara is great most of the time. And Amara is adorable.

But when a mom asks her family to pick up after themselves, do they listen?

When a mom doesn't quite get to the ironing, do they have any patience?

The latest incident happened earlier this week. Dad2Amara picked Amara up from school. Then they met up with me to run some errands.

When I finally arrived home, I found that not only did Dog2Amara eat Amara's crayons. The dog also literally ate Amara's homework.


See, I asked my crying daughter if she had put her art kit away.

She said no.

I asked Amara if she closed her bedroom door to keep Dog2Amara out.

Again, she said no.

I then asked Dad2Amara if he helped facilitate any of my options given above.

He said no.

Why, oh why, does no one listen to Mom?

Honestly, can anything go right in the household without Mom's guidance?


  1. Oy! Sounds like a day I had. Was it the letter C homework? ;)

  2. And the solution is....there should be no HOMEWORK for kids in kindergarten!!!!!
    Just sayin.' ;-)

    And having the dog eat homework is something that HAS happened around here. More than once.

    And when Jasper was a puppy. Someone (could have been me) left the camera on the living room couch. He ate it.

  3. I think you may secretly be living in my house!


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