the worst marketing ploys

I admit I've been known to be welcomed into a store, solely because it has a BOGO (buy one, get one) sign out front.

Sure, I didn't need a new blouse, much less the two I walked out with. But I bought into the marketing.

Same with Amara. She sees a box of cereal in the supermarket and swears she has to have it because there's a "secret code" inside that unlocks a certain website.

But my favorite is always the "gift with purchase" trick. Lola2Amara loves buying cosmetics whenever there's a free gift involved. Nevermind the fact that she never uses half the stuff in the free gift. (I mean, who wears fluorescent pink lipstick anyways?) Or the fact she can barely go through the makeup she currently owns.

It's the power of advertising, I suppose.

But I think I found the worst marketing ploy in history.

Amara talked Grandma2Amara into buying her a new pair of sneakers for school.

They're a nice pair of shoes.

But it's what came with the shoes that kind of floored me.

Amara immediately knew what it was. Then she complained that she didn't have a cell phone to attach it to.

Hello? Bueller? Bueller?

My child does not have exceptionally large feet. I think most kids her age have a size 13 shoe.

So basically Skechers is giving cell phone accessories to five year old children.

Completely age inappropriate.

And my daughter bought into it.

I don't think I can think of a worst marketing ploy.