when a meme isn't really a meme

Jen at Our Daily Big Top did a virtual tour of her home, complete with her ten favorite things about the house.

We still don't have a home.

But dangit. We did our finally walk thru Monday!

And I really wanted to do the meme.

So while I promise to properly do this meme when we are settled in, here's a slightly changed version of the meme.

1) I heart my front door. I adore the color red. It's vibrant. It's inviting. And no one else has a red front door in the neighborhood.

2) I love my mudroom. This is a picture of my second "front door" leading into the mudroom. Basically this will be the door Amara can use. No hardwood floors for her to muddy. There will be a bench for her to sit and take off her shoes. There will be hooks above for her coat and bookbag. I've never had a mudroom. And I will love.

3) Living in the apartment has meant living out of boxes. Which has meant virtually no baking. I can't wait to bake again. In this.

4) My oven aside, I'm digging my kitchen. I can't wait to entertain.

5) Dad2Amara and I had a fireplace in our first apartment. Our first house did not have one. So I can't wait until the weather cools and we can use this.

Those are my top five.

Without living there, rounding out the top ten is kinda boring. But if you're interested, I'll have them at Amara's house blog later today.

Three more days until we get our keys.

The countdown is on!


  1. The house looks great. Can't wait to see more. We have a red door too - love it! Nice tv too! Are you totally doing the "moving in to a new house" dance?


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