annoyed with Facebook

A few weeks ago, I began to get seriously annoyed with Facebook.

It seemed everyone and their mother was on FB. And it began to feel impersonal.

I suppose that means I once felt typing away at the laptop, exposing my inner most feelings was personal. But it was. This was my part of the World Wide Web.

Then my boss began to "encourage" the staff to Facebook.

A bunch of people who have never once said hello to me in the halls of our station began to "friend" me on FB. Seriously? That's a lot of nerve.

And I've noticed a ton of commercial enterprises showing up on Facebook and Twitter and various blogs.

I mean, I do follow Starbucks. But the tweets I enjoy following are actual people.

And I love living vicariously through the lives of other bloggers. I want to read their ramblings. I don't want to read about how a magazine is starting their own television show or how a restaurant is introducing a new burger.

Am I outgrowing Facebook and blogging? Am I simply growing bored with it?

Fortunately, I'm not alone. This article makes me feel rather sane in my rant.

Blogs and status updates and tweets are my windows into the lives of others. I don't think I'll be leaving the Blogosphere anytime soon. I just hope my bubble inside the sphere doesn't pop. That would make me sad.


  1. I'm saying "hi" to you here as well ... just to be safe! :)

  2. Heck, I don't even work there anymore yet I was rambling around the halls saying hello to you, Mike H. and the others who were giving me daunting looks like 'who the heck is she!!!??!' Love you!

  3. It's disappointing that blogging now isn't what it once way, if you're writing to be noticed...for me, this is a journal, so while I LOVE for people to notice me, and comment, and all that, the main purpose here isn't for traffic, it's for memories.

    I say blog on!

  4. I don't put my blog on Facebook or Myspace but I do go to those sites, and I too get annoyed by being "friended" by random people I don't know. I mean, its one thing to ask me to be a "friend" because you like my page and see that we enjoy similar interests, or whatever. But "friending" me just because I live in the general vicinity of your state or the state where your band will be playing... that gets old.


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