are all neighborhoods like this?

Adjusting to life in the Grey House has been interesting to say the least.

I still don't remember where I've put the laundry detergent. And I can't believe just how much dust accumulates in just one day.

But what I couldn't believe was that our first night in the new house, I looked out the window and saw two police cruisers two lots down.

I wanted to have photographic proof of their visit. But I didn't want them to see the flash and then come and arrest me for interfeering with official police business. So here's what I do have.

Seriously. I thought I left the weekly police visits behind when we moved out of the Yellow House. (As a side note, I hear one of our previous problem neighbors was arrested last week for his fifth DUI. Stellar.)

But nothing surprised me more than what I saw across the street while taking Dog2Amara from a walk one morning.

It's not a great picture. But yes, we have alpacas living in our neighborhood. And they were *not* fenced in.

What a diverse neighborhood, eh? Cops. Animals. Amara and her family.

This is going to get intersting.


  1. oh my word. Only in Ohio can you walk the dog and see Alpacas! How many neighbors are in the area? Are there more houses being built?

  2. Never a dull moment. Sometimes I think suburbia is crazier than the city. Alpacas? Hope they're the friendly kind.

  3. Does it count that the construction trailer burned to the ground in our neighborhood a few weeks ago? We were told that we should be prepared to evacuate in case the fire spread to the trailer where they store the paint, because it would have been a hazmat situation!

  4. That's nothing. I've got horses that run through my backyard due to my neighbor's inability to close his damn fence. Want to know how much damage a horse can cause to a soggy backyard??? Lots.

    I've also got wild turkeys, pheasants and a family of groundhogs that eat my fallen apples and pears.

  5. Um, alpacas?! Really? Wow. I would never have believed it if you didn't have the photo. How wonderfully odd.

  6. Newshutr - we got wild turkeys too. They stop traffic until some idiot decides to blow their horn and then they try to fly into my backyard. Fantastic.

    Laurie - wonderfully odd. I'll toast to that!

    Nancy - seriously? The trailer caught on fire? Wow.


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