can you fail kindergarten?

Dad2Amara and I met with Teacher2Amara for a parent-teacher conference last night.

Amara seems to like Teacher2Amara.

My first impression? Tree hugging, free spirited individual that I would typically have my child avoid.

But she comes highly recommended. And again, Amara likes her. So I can't complain.

I went to our meeting, expecting to hear about Amara's outgoing nature and her tendency to rush through her work, producing sloppy results.

But that's not what this presumptuous Mom2Amara heard.

Apparently Amara's outspoken nature has turned into a loud, and dare I say disruptive, temperment. She gets so excited during class that she shouts the answer. Out of turn.

If that wasn't enough, Teacher2Amara believes Amara is holding her pencil incorrectly. Which means poor penmanship. In turn that affects her reading skills. Or so Teacher2Amara says.

And to top it all off, Amara sometimes gets artsy and adds curly q's to her letters. A big no-no in kindergarten.

Again, no genius on my hands. But if she wants to write her name with a "pretty" M, should I really stiffle that creativity and individuality? Teacher2Amara should be happy Amara can spell and write her name since it's obvious some kids in her class can't.

And sue me. I got scolded once (or twice or three times) for talking in class. So at least Amara was answering a question, right?

Oh and Amara needs to work on her fine motor skills. Did I mention I got an unsatisfactory is cutting and pasting in kindergarten?

I don't know if you can fail kindergarten. Guess we'll find out.


  1. I'm still working on my fine motor skills at 33!

  2. Amara better shape up Mo ... this is going on her permanent record ... which will keep her from getting into the college of her choice.

    That means she'll be relegated to a profession she should just as soon avoid ... like journalism.

    The horror! :)

  3. Cutting and pasting, huh?

    Fess were EATING the paste, weren't you...


  4. Newshutr - I'm a big girl dear. And I eat almost anything. But not glue. Too messy. Could ruin my outfit.

    Chris - Amara swears when she grows up she'll be a reporter. I keep beating her on the side of the head, telling her to get a real job.

  5. Oh yeah...

    Eat Balut....

    And Like IT!!

  6. It's kindergarten. Let the girl write pretty Ms and curly Qs. Don't squash creativity.

  7. I second Jen's thoughts. My daughter used to do the fun curls and such, too, and never once did the teacher mention it. She was more concerned with how well she was reading, etc.

    Frankly, I'd think adding those little curly-q's would help out in the fine motor skills department.

  8. Curly Q's and fancy script! I'm all for it! Sweetie has been making fancy S's for some time... I don't discourage her. In fact, I showed her several fonts/scripts so she could do more!


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