catch me if you can

I've been tagged. And in the spirit of my-daughter-is-sick-and-I-can-do-nothing-else-but-sit-at-my-laptop, I'm game.

(A quick update on Amara first. Doctor2Amara sent her for a chest X-ray on Wednesday and come to find out she has bacterial pneumonia. Now we have to alert her classmates. And I'm going to be missing some more work this week. Poor dear. She's so miserable.)

Jen at Our Daily Big Top caught me. And she wants me to list seven random factoids about moi.

What do you think she wants to know?

  1. Like I'm a creature of habit. I only order one thing at Starbucks. A venti nonfat vanilla latte. Not a tall. Not just a latte. A venti nonfat vanilla latte.

  2. Or how about how I Facebook at work? And I don't have to worry about being caught because the boss encourages it.

  3. Bad punctuation and poor spelling annoy me so much. If I receive an email or letter or news release with you're when it should your or with misspellings or with errant commas, I go crazy.

  4. I used to have two body piercings. One in my navel and another in my nose. I was quite fond of them. I hated getting rid of them.

  5. I will only eat tuna melts from one plane and one place only. Flapjaws in Chicago. Yum.

  6. And even with all my quirks, Dad2Amara married me. Funny, since he's really not my type. Never dated anyone like him. Love is a weird thing.

  7. I found it very difficult to complete this meme. I guess I don't live as exhilarating of a life as I had hoped! I'm just Mom2Amara.
And now, you're all it. Makita, Laurie, Hyser (consider it fodder for your blog), same goes for you, Carrie, and Nicki.

Here are the rules:
  1. Post the rules on your blog.

  2. Write 7 random things about yourself.

  3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post. (I was never one for rules.)

  4. Pass on the tag.

You're it. Catch me if you can.


  1. Poor Amara! I hope she bounces back really quickly! As for the seven things...I will think on it and give you the post tomorrow. ;-)
    I am wondering...what seven things have I not already revealed about myself?

  2. Sweet, thanks for the gag!
    Poor Amara, she's THAT sick? I hope she gets better soon. Sounds awful!


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