crock pot love

I should be cooking up a storm with Saturday's party approaching.

I've been so lazy unmotivated tired the last two evenings after work.

Translation: I've done squat.

But in my pursuit of trying to look somewhat accomplished, I did happen upon what could be the greatest website ever.

A Year of Crockpotting is not only cool for the obvious reasons. I mean who doesn't love their slow cooker?

But the site uses "crockpot" as a verb. Just like when I recently asked my friend if he was "Yom Kippuring."

But back to the party.

I've decided to go very, very easy in essence of time. And my sanity.

Chili. In a crockpot.

Kielbasa and kraut. In a crockpot.

Meatballs. In a crockpot.

Warm cider. Baked ziti. Sheet pizza. Cheese potatoes that I'm not making. Lots of desserts.

But on the website, I happened up a recipe for pumpkin spice latte. Yum. I'm considering this one too.

I know I should add more to the menu. But I'm out of ideas right now. Guess we'll see.

I have three more days to think about it. No big deal, right?


  1. I looooooove crock pots! Whoever invented crock pot meals is a saint. Such an awesome time saver.

  2. Soooo this past week I have been going a little "crock pot-y" and turns out I'm still an idiot.

    I made chili on Sunday. It was great. On Tuesday I thought i'd make Beef Stroganoff. When I read the directions over again I saw that i needed to heat it on low for 4 hours and then high for 4 hours. Since my dog cant change the dial I didnt know what to do. Soo while I showered i put it on high. I also forgot to change it. I had crusted stroganoff when I got home. It was nasty. I hate a popsicle for dinner.

  3. I clicked on the pumpkin spice latte recipe - yum! I might have to make this for my "yet to be planned" pre-trick o treating bash.

    The party sounds great. Sounds like you have more than enough for your menu. Do you have that many crock pots?

  4. I have that site bookmarked...I made the apple butter recipe the other day. It is REALLY good.

    Good luck with your party...three days is PLENTY of time! ;)

  5. I love my crockpot but not the cleanup. And, really, I would need 2 in order to reap the benefits of crockpot cooking.

    We like to make BBQ pork and I make an 'unstuffed' cabbage recipe in ours as well. And pot roast and kielbasa (State Meats has nice kielbasa).


  6. how did the party go?? - Jaci

  7. I promise to post about the party soon! It was great!


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