hold the applause

I was clapping yesterday.

But that was before I woke Amara up to get her ready for school. She cried in pain, complaining of a belly ache. Then I felt her forehead. She was obviously running a fever.

Since it was day four of the not-feeling-well-itis, I took the day off to take her to Doctor2Amara.

By the time we hit the pediatrician's, her temperature had hit 103.7 degrees.

You would think we would have been sent home with an antibiotic. Or instructions on how to best handle her illness. Or sent to the hospital. Or something.


All of the tests came back negative. So Doctor2Amara said to ride it out and call her in 48 hours.

Okey dokey then. That's a lot of help for a frantic Mom2Amara who is 1) worried about her daughter, 2) not at work, and 3) trying to ride the wave of her good mood for as long as she can.

So I'm not letting all of this get me down.

I just feel bad for Amara.

Hopefully this bug will be out of her system soon.


  1. Don't get me started on doctors ... wait until my post on the old coot who was treating my dad when the surgeon was off.

  2. Oh, poor baby! I'm alarmed that the doctor wouldn't do ANYTHING for her! How is she feeling now???


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