is it homecoming if you're not home?

My dancing queen, Amara, is entering her third year of ballet and tap.

And for the first two years, I have told her she could not march in the annual Homecoming parade.

My reasons have been aplenty.

It's no secret I'm not a fan of the other dance moms. So spending yet another morning with them isn't high on my to-do list.

Typically the weather has been crappy. Cold. Wet. Yucky.

But honestly, Amara's dance studio is not located in the city we live in. So's not our homecoming.

Yet two no's apparently make a yes because this past Saturday, Amara's family found themselves along the parade route, waiting for Amara and her dance friends.

Amara chose not to march. She rode in style for the entire parade.

Amara beamed with excitement. And I smiled knowing she was happy.

I still kinda wish the Homecoming was for the city we lived in. But who knows, there's always next year.