it's official, I'm fat

I have been feeling under the weather lately.

I first blamed allergies. Next I said it was the stress of the big move.

Then I hit week three of having pressure all along the left side of my face. So I went to the doctor.

And even before I got to the examining table, the nurse weighed me.

She put me on a scale even though my complaint was intense ear pain and sinus pressure that felt like Mount Vesuvius erupting.

Against better judgement, I looked blankly at the numbers before me.

I'm up 25 pounds in the last 12 months.


But that didn't upset me. I'm so used to the numbers on the scale being off the chart. It no longer phases me for longer than a minute.

What irked me is while waiting for what seemed like an eternity in the examination room, I saw a BMI chart hanging on the wall.

And I'm in the red.

Actually I'm 0.4 pounds from being in the red zone.

The "clinically obese" column.

The you're-a-fat-mom color.

The next-step-is-gastric-bypass assesment.

I swore I would never get this big.

I used to worry about being 10 pounds heavy. Now I'm 34 pounds away from being what the CDC says is "normal."

I workout 4 days a week. I do cardio. I pump iron.

Sure I've dropped my trainer because I am now in a new gym.

And yeah, I don't have the best eating habits.

But seriously? What's a mom to do?

I'm at a loss right now.

And trust me, that loss is not at the scale.


  1. I hear you. Do keep in mind that it is oodles better to be overweight and exercising than to be normal weight and unfit.
    I tell myself that one often. ;-)
    Hope you got some good drugs to clear up the face pressure.

  2. It's all about the eating habits ... I lost nearly 40 pounds that way.

    Then things happened ... my habits went to crap ... and I put some back on.

    Oh ... I'm fat too.


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