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With Amara home sick, I am finding myself with more time on my hands than I know what to do with.

I've unpacked all I could. (Hey Dad2Amara, could you finish hanging my shelves so I could unpack a few more things?) Agendas for our Girl Scout troop are nearly complete. And I can't run errands.

So I'm surfing the web and catching up on blogs.

So I interrupt this mom blog for this not so important news brief.

This one made my jaw drop. And it's hard to surprise Mom2Amara. But apparently Nebraska has such a vague safe haven law that now out-of-state parents are dropping off their unwanted children.

Want a good laugh? MJ at did it for me this morning with this.

And important American Girl news! Samantha is being retired. She and her best friend Nellie will move from 1904 into the AG archives. I had wished Amara would want some of the old school, historical American Girl dolls. But I guess she's just too young for it still.

Now back to your regular programming...


  1. Yeah, thats crazy about the kids being dropped off in Nebraska! Its one thing with overwhelmed and unready parents dropping off newborn babies because they're desperate... but to board a plane with your teenager in tow, and drop him off at a hospital? I mean, what are these parents TELLING the kids? Sorry, but we've decided to get rid of you?

  2. Hope Amara is feeling better. Thanks for the link to the video - good laughs!

  3. Wow about the kids being dropped off in Nebraska. Did no one see that coming?
    Hope Amara is feeling better very soon.

  4. OH NO! Samantha is being retired?!? That makes me sad!


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