we're like a zoo, I tell ya

I feel an Alanis Morissette song coming on.

We are finally settled in the Grey House. Sure there's a few miscellaneous things here and there. But we're done unpacking for the time being.

I couldn't be happier.

Yet I'm freaking out.

Our annual autumn get together is this weekend.

Dad2Amara leaves for a conference in Tulsa Wednesday morning. (And when Dad2Amara is out of town, good bad things happen.)

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed again.

Housework is done. But I have a lot to ready before the party.

Menus, shopping, more cleaning.


It's a zoo I tell ya.


Remember the alpacas?

Well I have turkeys and a gaggle of geese as well.

Wild animals. Chaos. Zoo, I tell ya. Zoo.


  1. Please tell me that is sand and not snow in the bottom pic?
    I once answered the phone, "City Zoo! Ms. Fox speaking!" but no one thinks I'm as funny as I do.

  2. Eeewww. Scary birds. I'll have to turn around and go home if they're out front.

  3. good god. That would be a reason for me to leave. Birds scare the CRAP out of me!

  4. Jaci -- You want to talk "crap," let's talk about what the geese do EVERYWHERE...

  5. I always stress out way too much before a get together. Your party will be fabulous.

    You should charge admission - people pay money to feed alpacas and geese at our local petting zoo.

    Good luck with the party prep!

  6. Turkeys??? That's pretty neat! Do you ever hear them gobble? My kids would love that.

    I'm sure the party will be great! Remember, no one notices the little things that are missing or askew. Only you will!

  7. I agree, the turkeys would be pretty cool to watch. I am used to geese though. Do wild turkeys hiss at you and chase you, the way the geese around here do?


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