when you're happy but you don't know it

I want to clap my hands.

I'll actually stand up and applaud.

'Cuz Mom2Amara is happy.

Can I get holla?

There's a lot of things running against me right now.

It's Monday morning.

Amara spent the weekend sick and hampered any errands or plans we may have had.

Dad2Amara's college friend was supposed to come out to visit. But this darn economy madness made them cancel last minute.

Lola2Amara's college friend (I didn't realize that theme until just now) passed away over the weekend. She lived in Chicago. And while I was in college at Loyola, she would take me out to dinner or drop off some needed ramen.

Yet I'm happy.

I can't explain it.

But I think after all the helter skelter of the last few months, I'm finally feeling settled.

For the most part, the boxes are unpacked. And the Grey House is looking more like a home.

We are moving right along with Amara's routine with school, dance, and Girl Scouts. And surprisingly enough, it's all gone off without a hitch.

Yea, I'm happy. I just didn't know it until now.


  1. woohoo! is that a good enough holla for you?

    The feeling of being settled and secured in one place is such a comfortable feeling, no matter what bumps and bruises we encounter along. Glad to hear you are doing well.


  2. Holla! (picture Tim Gunn saying it) and doing my whoo-hoo dance for you! You're feeling at home in your new home. That's a great feeling.

  3. Thanks ladies! I love the fact I'm becoming content with how things are right now. I am a firm believer things happen for a reason. Just had a hard time believing it the last few months!


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