why don't I have a hobby?

A co-worker left me pondering something the last three days.

I invited several of them to my house for the annual fall bash. And because I have only worked at this particular station for a year, it was a sort of getting-to-know-you-more session.

So what was the question, you ask?

What hobbies do you have, Mom2Amara?

What? Oh that's easy to answer.

Then I stood for a few minutes. Dumbfounded.

Yeah, I don't have any hobbies.

Does blogging count if I do it sporatically?

Does knitting count if I only completed one scarf because I haven't had time to start another project?

I'm two years behind in scrapbooking. (I keep telling myself I'm going to take a weekend to simply get caught up. But that weekend seems to be alluding me.)

Or how about running? Yeah, I haven't gone running in over a month and probably couldn't finish a mile without killing myself. But does that count?

I want to have interests outside of taking Amara to dance. Or being her Girl Scout leader. I love being involved with a project that has a "payoff" in the end.

But I don't have time. And I don't have money. And it's always something or another.

Why don't I have any hobbies? Is that normal?


  1. You're just a busy momma that's all.

    I will say a hobby is a great way to clear your mind ...

  2. I would probably have to say the same thing. Lots of little interests but there's not one I'm so passionate about. Maybe that's why we get along so well?

  3. Hobbies are overrated.
    Sometimes surviving is a hobby, ya know!!!

  4. I think you need to take a little time for yourself... if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. :D

  5. Blogging is not a hobby. Oh man...have to come up with something else.

    I have lots of interests but nothing that I would call a hobby. Exercise is definitely NOT a hobby for me ;)

  6. I don't have any hobbies either!!! Billy and I always have that conversation. Is it because I'm lazy? It must be genetic!

  7. wouldnt it be nice to have something that you were passionate about? I try a new hobby every month. Next I want to try bellydancing! hehehee

  8. I would definitely call blogging a hobby, even if you just do it sporadically. I know how you feel, though... there are many hobbies I would love to try, especially arts-and-crafts related things... but I just can't spare the time or money right now! Some day. Maybe when I'm 80.


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