meeting friends all over the world (wide web)

I told a co-worker recently that I was looking forwarded to meeting a friend I had met on Facebook.

And thus began the blank looks and random questions.

Are you sure you really know who she is? What could you possibly have in common with someone you've never met in person? What if she's a serial killer?

I joined a group on Facebook and noticed the woman who joined right before me lived less than two hours away.

So I took the jump and emailed her. And we've been talking back and forth ever since.

We're now planning our first get together. [hi, Yolanda !!waves frantically!!]

My online friends are important to me. I read their blogs. I poke them on Facebook. I see their tweets on Twitter.

There are some people in the blogosphere whom I wish I could sit and have wine coffee with on a regular basis.

I was too chicken to introduce myself to Nataly (ironic, since her post inspired this post.

But I did meet Laurie that weekend in Chicago.

I guarantee I'd never be at a loss for words with MJ or Jen

And maybe one day I'll meet Cleveland Mom.

I follow these and other bloggers online because I feel we have many similarities. From our hobbies to our parenting experiences, we share a common view on life.

Am I pouring out my inner most secrets? OK, sometimes I am here on the blog. But that's besides the point.

It's just nice to be able to gather up support and laughter. At 4 a.m. Or at 2 in the afternoon. Or whenever I have a chance to log on to the computer. I'm not bothering my online friends when they're sleeping or at work.

Do you have online friendships?


  1. Funny. And I thought I was the only weird one.

    When Genesis re-formed to tour last year, I got pretty active in their online community.

    I now talk to a lot of them (including some overseas) on a regular basis.

    When the tour came to Cleveland, I helped organized the pre- and post-show gatherings ... and had a blast!

    I met great people from Phily, Chicago, all over the place really ... and no one was scary.

    It's weird ... because the knock on the web is that it drives people inside ... and keeps them from real friendships.

    I actually think it can help smart ones like you and me make more.

  2. Awww...thanks. Back at you.

    Good for you on taking that never know what would happen if you don't take the chance. You have good instincts.

    I'd love to go to Chicago with you...maybe to see an Oprah show, not sure about Blogher (don't think I've reach that type of status in blogosphere yet).

  3. I'm excited to meet you too! And I promise that I'm not a serial killer. :) I think my online friendships are very important to me...and I always look forward to reading their blogs and seeing their pics. If we lived closer, I think we would hang out and have coffee/wine but we have the internet and that makes me happy!

  4. Almost a year ago, I hopped on a plane and went to New York to spend a weekend with my friend Jacqueline ( and her husband John. I had never met them and I had never been to New York. It was an amazing trip! Then, two weekends ago, Jacqueline and John came to Philly to hang out with me when I was there for a conference. It was great!! They are both good friends.
    If you had told me a few years ago that I would have these kinds of online friends...I would have laughed!

  5. I have met people in person that I had previously known only via the internet... I hope to do so again in the future. Perhaps we'll meet someday! :D

    I feel strongly that the internet brings people of similar interests together and provides an avenue of sharing & comradeship that the real world does not. I can't live w/o the internet now.

  6. Chris -- tee hee, you called me smart [blush]

  7. Jen -- I hope you'll come out to BlogHer! No "status" necessary. Just a love of blogging!

  8. Makita and Yolanda - I do hope I can meet you too!

  9. My best friends were all internet acquaintances, first. Though my first and best internet friend now lives hundreds of miles away (and has for years) nothing has changed for us. True, I don't see her often, in fact it's been about 4 years... :(

    My other friend lives here in town... and I've met countless other internet friends for lunch, etc. when we've traveled to one another's towns.

    Maybe someday I'll be able to meet you Mom2Amara and we can "talk shop". :)

  10. I love my online friendships - through my blog, forums and Twitter! My IRL friends don't usually get it at all, but that's ok. They aren't moms either, so I needed mom friends and online was a great place to find them!

  11. I enjoy reading your blog and would love meeting one day! Are you going to the Rock N Tot event at MOCA on Sunday?

    The sad thing is, many of the blogs I follow are fellow Cleveland moms, so I have no excuse to not grab coffee or wine. Besides that, there are too many good places to get a glass of wine around here. But, since we're all moms maybe we understand that sometimes it's easier to have a community of friends online because we have no expectations that we have to go out all of the time. That sometimes we're too busy working and hanging out with our kid.


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