my five year old wants to vote

Amara came home yesterday and announced that Tuesday is Election Day.

I assumed it was a topic of conversation at school. So I asked her if she'd like to come with me to the polls this morning. No matter what the outcome, it's a historic election, right?

Amara was excited over the fact she is going to go vote.

And that's when my daughter said it.

"I hope Barack Obama isn't on the ballot. He's on the bad team."

No matter what my political affiliation, this took me aback.

I could imagine Amara getting into a playground fight over politics.

So I tried to explain to her why we are so lucky to live in a democracy. Why it's ok to differ in opinion. What's important is the state of the good ol' U. S. Of A.

To which she replied, "but daddy says he's the bad guy!"

Fabulous. Dad2Amara pretty much got to her before I could.

Amara couldn't tell you who Obama is running against. But she does know Sarah Palin wears glasses.

Doesn't matter though. In a few minutes, I'll wake her and we'll be off to the polls.

All of us should take a moment today and vote! Don't let the opportunity pass you by.


  1. I wish I had thought about taking the kids to vote. That was a missed opportunity for me to give them some real civics lesson. Oh well! In 4 years, I will definitely have to bring them to vote.

  2. I have to say that I tried really really hard to not be terribly biased when I explained things to my kids. Of course, I have an opinion, but I want them to know that everyone else does, too, and that people just aren't always going to agree! I don't want to indoctrinate them, I want to educate them. Of course, I do tell them why I think my candidate's views and policies are better, but I do it with the caveat that not everyone agrees with me.

    It's hard not to just tell them who the "good guy" is though, isn't it?!

  3. Your story is too funny. My five year-old niece apparently came home the day before the election and told my sister, a McCain supporter, that she couldn't vote for McCain because it would mean the same people would be in the White House for the next four years. Yesterday, my two year-old son saw Barack Obama on the computer and actually said to me and my husband, "what's Barack Obama doing?" It's scary how much children pick up from us and from those around them.


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