playing with dolls

After watching yet another Browns loss, I grew tired of football and began to channel surf.

And that's when I came across a documentary on BBC called My Fake Baby.

Oh dear heaven.

The network profiled several women who had these eerily life-like dolls. And they didn't "collect" the toys. Oh no. They dressed them. They put them in car seats and buckled them in. They pushed them around in strollers.

They actually cared for the dolls as if they were living humans. Much like how I care for Amara. And how Amara cares for her American Girl doll (even though Amara tends to throw the doll around or leaves it for days in the darkness of her closet).

It was disturbing to see, considering there are some people who wouldn't care for their own mothers in the same nurturing manner these women cared for their dolls.

The phenomena apparently has a name. Reborning.

I'm creeped out by it. Dad2Amara was too. I threatened to buy a doll fashioned to look like a newborn Amara since he did not want a second child. And he told me he'd rather try to get me pregnant again rather than having a fake child in the house.

It's sad really. To see women who desperately want a baby in their lives.

And while it seems to be the surefire way to get myself pregnant again, I may have to pass on this one.


  1. I've seen that documentary. I totally agree with you. I thought it was sad--very sad--and wierd and I just didn't understand it.

  2. I'm pretty open-minded about most things, but dude, that's just WEIRD!


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