randomness becomes me

I feel at a loss for words lately.

I've been running in circles. Yet nothing new has happened. Sleep. Work. Eat. Kiss Amara.

But a few things have occurred that I find noteworthy. Just not entire-post-blogworthy.

Care to indulge me?

1) Amara has been getting her wish list together for Christmas. She is confident Santa is bringing her Kit.

2) So what does Santa do in his off season? Amara says he "marches in parades and wears his summer clothes" like flip flops.

3) Amara also says she wishes Mom2Amara were more "fashionable."

4) I am a wannabe foodie. So I am stoked Top Chef is back! I missed the first 15 minutes of the show. So if you've seen it, wait until the show has rerun for the umpteenth time before you tell me how it all began. Any other Top Chef fans out there?

5) And while the remote is stuck on Bravo, anyone else looking forward to the new season of Real Housewives of Orange County?

Yeah, not much going on in the life of Mom2Amara...


  1. I'm totally bummed I missed Top Chef but I'm sure I'll catch a rerun this weekend (I hope).

    My daughter wants 2 AG dolls this xmas - must be the age. Can you say ka-ching? I'm trying to sway her to a Just Like Me doll but she's stuck on Felicity and Elizabeth. I think b/c of all the accessories/horses.


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