Should I give in to Santa?

I admit, seeing Christmas decorations on display at Target before Halloween disgruntled me.

It was 75 degrees out and the leaves on the trees hadn't even changed colors yet.

Then the trick-or-treaters came and went off with their Snickers bars. And the malls went full force with the wreaths, garlands, and music.


A girlfriend of mine is due in just a few weeks with her second. And when she announced her tree was up and the lights were lit, I almost didn't want to grant her a reprieve. (Hi, Sara!)

But Cleveland got its first significant snowfall.

And the fallen leaves look ridiculous covered in the white stuff.

My pumpkins look out of place.

The scarecrows seem bothered by the chilly air.

And now I'm considering decorating for Christmas. A week and two days before Thanksgiving.

Aren't there etiquette rules against this? Am I breaking a law of nature?


  1. I think it's crazy that Thanksgiving just got the boot in the stores.

    I'm so ready to take down all the fall decorations but we wait until after Thanksgiving (usually the last weekend of Nov). We take our stuff down right on January 1 b/c my daughter's birthday is on the 3rd. I like to make sure her birthday does not get lost in the holidays.

    Maybe you can slowly start putting things out? I forgot. I do have holiday m&m's out.

  2. I was thinking about decorating too. I actually listened to some Christmas music today. I think that if I'm driving in snow & ice...I might as well give in.

  3. I considered putting up the lights now, to avoid having to deal with it once it's truly blustery and cold outside, and just wait to turn them on until after Thanksgiving. But knowing me, I'll procrastinate until after Thanksgiving anyhow.

  4. I always wait until the day after Thanksgiving. That's just my rule, and it makes it easier to have a rule...then I don't have to decide whether to, or whether not to! And I take down the decor after the epiphany--yep another rule. But again, makes the decision making a non-factor.

  5. It does seem sort of weird, doesn't it! We heard Christmas carols on the radio, the day after Halloween, this year! Its sort of like, with winter coming, we want to get this whole holiday thing started and finished ASAP so we can move forward into next spring! Ugh, too bad it doesn't work that way... we could just celebrate Christmas NOW, Valentine's Day could be next week, and then we could just have spring!

  6. Hi, just a lurker who happened on your blog through a google search and wanted to comment on this..

    I just found out that when they set for Halloween they put out the Christmas decor that people need more time to set up like outdoor lights and lawn decor. They add the rest when Halloween ends. At least they hold back.. :)

    I was shopping at a Garden Ridge at the end of July and couldn't believe they had an entire aisle of Christmas ornaments.

    Christmas ..sadly commercial yes.. but can you really get too much of the spirit of it too soon?


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