the great HGTV debate

I can proudly say the Grey House is clean. (Just don't ask about the ironing...)

I'm still feeling a bit crummy. And with the chilly weather outside, I decided the great indoors had my name on it.

Sundays are typically a football day. But with the Browns having already lost played, I wasn't much in a sporting mood.

So my remote control found it's way to HGTV.

And I found myself watching every single show for hours on end.

I didn't even care what show was on - I was hooked.

And thus began the great HGTV debate.

I want Angelo Surmelis to come to the Grey House and design to his heart's content. I am tempted to put a picture up on Rate My Space and hope it gets a zero rating.

Dad2Amara would rather see Vern Yip.

I think I'd invite Candice Olsen over to check out my master bath. But Dad2Amara is adamantly against that.

David Bromstad can see the Grey House. But it's because I think he's cute.

I want Clive to visit. But I just realized - does he really even design?

Who would you want to design your house? What room would you do?


  1. I've always loved Vern Yip. I fell in love with his designs back when he was on Trading Spaces.

  2. I would love Candice from Divine Design to do my master bedroom. I always love her style and colors. How can we get on those shows? I always wonder how they pick homes and who pays?

  3. I totally want to know how they get chosen. Seems so random, yet I have to guess everyone is a friend of someone's...

  4. I don't have cable, but now I feel as though when it comes time to eventually move to a new home I'm going to have to become committed to HGTV, that, or meet up with you to help me out with my sense of/lack of style.

  5. omg i heart david bromstad.

  6. I try to catch Vern Yip's shows, because he is SO CUTE.

  7. ClevelandMom - remember, I had no cable over the summer? I went thru withdrawal! You'll have to come over sometime to watch HGTV :)

  8. Angelo can come over anytime he wants! I have watched him since he was on TLC and actually had the pleasure to meet him at a Home & garden Show is Jacksonville, Fla. He was a sweetheart and soooo cute.

  9. Jules - I didn't know Angelo had a show on TLC. I thought he was one of those unknowns-make-it-big...

  10. mom2amara,
    He was on a show I used to love called Clean Sweep on TLC. It was about de=cluttering and redesigning your home. Peter Walsh was the organizer (he is now on Oprah) and Eric Stromer was the carpenter (he's on HGTV now) and Angelo was the designer. That was the first tim I saw Angelo. I've been a fan ever since.
    Best, Jules


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