weird things on the internet

Every once in a while, I'm sent a link or two that I find hilarious.

But I rarely forward them on.

I hate to be the girl who forwards 100 emails a day.

But this week, I've seen some really random things. And of course, they're all on YouTube.

I was frightened by this. Yet wildly amused.

And this is a real product. Honest.


  1. I love that song...not sure if I can get that image out of my head now. As much as I wanted to turn it off, I had to keep watching. He was so serious - he didn't even crack up. LOL!!!

    And the teddy bear thing...for real? I could see this for kids, not adults.

  2. LOL...watching both at 2am irritated me and yet I sat through it all!

  3. Ha ha ha! That guy cracked me up. Did you notice that he had something stuffed "down there"? Yeah, he was pretty funny. The facial expressions.

  4. It was the hairy back that cracked me up more than anything. Paired up with the unitard, it rocked! ;-)
    as for the "titty" bear - I kind of want one. Fighting the urge to call are after all, limited.

  5. That first one freaked me out... it sort of reminds me of this one,, which my sister says was the original inspiration for the hip hop song! That dude got famous off of his weird video! I doubt that will happen to the leotard guy though.
    I've actually seen the second one before. So weird! Especially with the MAN'S voice narrating! I thought for sure it was a joke, but I guess it was even on Oprah!
    BTW... Tag, you're it! Visit my blog to see!

  6. Kristen - Don't think I didn't notice. I think that made me laugh more than his dancing!

  7. The Tiddy Bear was featured on Ellen. When she did the drive across america episodes everyone in the car had a tiddy bear. Hysterical.


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