what were these parents thinking?

OK I obviously found something to talk about. I'm no longer speechless.

I watched a story this morning about a toddler's near fall off a 150 foot cliff.

A cliff.

Yes, I am judging.

But what the heck were these parents thinking?

And I'm not talking about their decision to put their 3 year old near a railing that would never have prevented a fall. While I try to keep Amara from anything that looks unsafe, I know accidents happen.

And I won't question the fact the girl's mom never let go of the camcorder, even after she slips over the rail. (Although I admit I do find that odd. I think the camcorder would have been dropped while I was running to save my child.)

But I work in TV news. And I would never ever have released a home video of what could have been my kid's last moments. And then I would never ever have gone on television after the fact, waving my finger to the camera, saying shame on you, State Park.

The video really is heart stopping.

And thank goodness the little girl is OK.

I don't know how I would have reacted had that been Amara tumbling down the cliff.

But seriously, I'm not going on TV to tell everyone just how dumb I am.


  1. I agree with you! First of all, I'm a parent who is too protective, which probably isn't good either, but I would never let my little one near a railing with that large of a drop off. And I wouldn't blame the state park either. It isn't the State Park's responsibility to keep your children safe.

  2. That video is bizarre! I think I would have been scared to let the kids anywhere near a railing that was that wide open! But the little girl is so cute, isn't she, when she describes it? Who was it that rescued her, her uncle?

  3. That is scary. I'm scared of heights so I'd be holding on to all my kids if the rail/fence was that wide. What a blessing...it could have been quite the disaster.

  4. What parent in their right mind lets their kid pose next to an open railing, that's thisclose to a cliff?

    Thank god the cousin was there to rescue her. Clearly mom couldn't because SHE WAS STILL ROLLING!!
    On the other hand, maybe she'd like a job as a news photog?

  5. Just thinking about that story makes my stomach drop in a way I just can't describe.

  6. Oh c'mon!!! That's the video that will win them $100,000 on America's Funniest Videos...


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