a fix for my oily skin

Even after having Amara and being out of college for eons now, my skin still breaks out.

I hate it.

And with the crazy Midwest weather, my skin never looks healthy.

I found a plethora of skin care products on the website.

I admit. I was overwhelmed.

But fortunately they allow you to shop by skin type. Me? I've got oily skin.

My order arrived quickly. And I was like a kid on Christmas, ripping open the box.

Yet I was skeptical when I received the DDF Glycolic 10% Exfoliating Oil Control Gel because I assume anything claiming to be a "gel" can only translate into a skin care nightmare for those of us with oily skin.

But I was wrong.

I awoke the morning following my first application with smaller pores. And my skin not only looked healthy. It felt hydrated but not shiny.

A week later, my face is softer. And I haven't had a breakout.

When I was under the care of a dermatologist, my sensitive skin would dry out. Or break out. Or enlarge more pores.

This stuff works. Period.

I see the transformation in my skin.

Coupled with my new under eye treatment, I should be looking like a stunning 20-something sometime soon, eh?

At least that's what I'll be asking Santa for this Christmas!

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  1. I just requested my coupon. So excited to try something to help my skin. I also have skin break outs (far worse than when I was actually going through puberty). Thanks!


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