but inside is so delightful

The weather may not yet be frightful. (Although if you ask me, cold and rainy weather sucks too.)

But I have finally given myself the ok to decorate the house for Christmas!

When we moved into the Grey House, I saw all of our holiday decorations and thought "how in God's green earth am I going to fit all of this here?"

But now I'm scheming on how I can get more garland and ornaments without Dad2Amara knowing. [tee hee]

I think my tree is missing something but I don't quite know what it is yet.

The dining room may be my favorite room this season.

Here's my one kinda craft project. (It's the best I can muster up right now.)

And I didn't know how to hang my stockings so to the banister they went.

Of course, what would this blog be without an obligatory Amara picture?

I think I'm far from finished decorating. But I think I'm off to a good start!


  1. Looks so festive! I love this time of year. I think you can easily get more garland...just make sure to have it hanging up and if he notices, say that it's something you already had ;)


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