Christmas deconstructed

It's two days after Christmas.

Santa has come and gone.

And I finally feel like I can breathe!

It's 61 degrees out in Cleveland. That's considered a heatwave here at the end of December. So I went for an invigorating run this morning. I'm still in my workout clothes, enjoying my coffee.

Amara's upstairs, playing with Kit and Leslie (her original American Girl doll).

And Dad2Amara is working in the garage.

It's peaceful around the Grey House. The perfect end to the holiday rush.

But that doesn't mean that I can't share Amara's gift from Santa.

And how Grandma2Amara bought her an outfit to match Santa's present.

We were so blessed to have Aunt and Uncle2Amara at the Grey House.

They're expecting Amara's first cousin on my side of the family. So it's was so much fun to shop for a little one again.

I think Dad2Amara got everything on his wish list.

So did Lola and Lolo2Amara and Grandma and Grandpa2Amara.

And I saw just what a girly-girl my daughter really is.


I can't remember a Christmas where I watched my little girl be so grateful and excited and so filled with joy.

I tear up just thinking about her smile that day.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday surrounded with love.

Now's here's looking to the new year with hope.


  1. OMG! Her reaction is priceless. Very much a girl. This Christmas was special for us entire family was with us and the kids - pure joy on their faces.

    Enjoy the rest of the week and Happy New Year!

  2. Glad you all had such a great Christmas! Can't believe its over! You're lucky its 60 where you are! Over here in CHicago, I am just thankful for the 40 degrees I've got!

  3. Yuck. Take those pictures down. I look like a frickin' whale.

  4. Glad you had such a good Christmas!

    We've had the warm weather, too, and honestly, I'm ready for some SNOW!

    Happy New Year!


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