conversation with an elf

Santa made a stop at Dad2Amara's company party.

Amara nervously waited for him to call her name.

She finally looked at me, puzzled.

As a dutiful elf mom, I asked what was wrong.

Amara: What if Santa asks me if I was a good girl this year?

Mom2Amara: Well, have you been?

[crickets. silence.]

Mom2Amara: Amara, why don't you tell Santa you tried to be a good girl.

Amara: Will I still get a gift?

Well I don't know what Amara told the Big Guy.

But she still did get a gift.


  1. LOL! You should check out what my kids wrote in their Santa letters. They're just keeping it real.

  2. I love that Amara had to think about if she was a good girl. Do you remember the days when your dad said you were getting coal and you prayed and prayed it wasnt true. hehehe

    At least Amara knows she's a good girl now.

  3. It's great that she is that self-reflective! Which problems means that she is a pretty good kid. ;-) And growing up so quickly! Wow.


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