ice princess

My dancer has now taken on a new hobby.

Amara has asked Dad2Amara and I numerous times if she could play soccer. Or take karate. Both are ideas Dad2Amara and I are not keen on for various reasons.

But when she asked me if she could learn how to ice skate, I knew I couldn't say no.

It just so happens that a co-worker of mine is the director of a skating program. And she happily registered Amara for her first session on the ice.

Saturday was the big day. Even this awful cold I'm battling couldn't keep me away from watching Amara lace up her blades. (OK so it was Dad2Amara to lace 'em up. Details, details.)

Any child that has never been on skates was given a walker to help support them.

But soon enough, Amara left the walker. I knew she would be too free spirited to be tied down to any crutch.

Amara fell. Several times.

But she got up and kept going.

By the end of the afternoon, she was whipped. And frustrated. And she admitted she was "a little scared."

But Amara asked to go again.

So add "ice skating" to the family calendar.

Amara's really growing up!


  1. Ice skating is not easy - good for Amara to keep at it. Did you get on the ice too?

  2. Oh, that sounds awesome! I'd love for my kids to know how to skate. That, and horseback riding. :)

  3. Oh, no ice skating for me. I have no coordination!

  4. Don't be so hasty. Karate-soccer is an amazing sport! It's the fasting growing pastime in breakaway Soviet republics.

  5. you should come to ottawa and you could all come skating on the canal!! or you could ride and we could push you! ;-)
    so - curious as to why no karate or soccer?...although I feel the same way about hockey. My youngest is already asking and we are steering him towards soccer and tai kwon do!

  6. Thats awesome! What a good idea to give the kids walkers so they can get comfortable moving around on the ice. I'm glad Amara decided to go back again!

  7. Laurie, Dad2Amara not a fan of soccer. Not sure why. Don't think it has much to do with injuries...I think he hopes she'll play softball instead.

    But for me, I am worried about her getting hurt when it comes to karate...


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