idiot, idiot, idiot


I could blame the horrendous cold that has taken over my head. (I haven't had a voice in two days.)

Or I could say the gazillion hours at work has finally goten to my brain.

But I just saw the latest post on Momversations and realized that I suggested the topic!

Too bad I didn't put any link to my blog when I turned in my brilliant idea.


Who knows if they would have linked to it.

But now I'll never know.

I'm such an idiot.

I guess I'll stay in blog oblivion.


  1. Good topic starter but I'd never heard of Momversations until your post. Don't feel bad...there will be other topics that pop up. Isn't that what our kids are for?

    Besides then you'd get all Pioneer Woman on us and then what :)

  2. Yeah, I'm hardly famous. Just a social butterfly. :)

    Plus, I'd never forget my peeps even if I were!


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