kindergarten friends

Amara has a best friend.

Dad2Amara would always comment on how exactly a kindergartner would have a "best friend."

He said there was no way a five year old could comprehend the true meaning of the relationship.

After this past weekend, he realized he was wrong.

We took Amara and BestFriend2Amara to see holiday lights at our local park.

The evening started with McDonald's. (I was annoyed because they could have chosen to eat anywhere. Yet I ended up with a Big Mac.)

Then it was off to see the lights.

All night the girls were hand in hand.

And they were constantly talking! Chatting about boys. Asking about class. Singing carols. It was nonstop.

And at the end of the night, Amara was happy.

Dad2Amara couldn't believe how similar the girls are, even at their young age.

And that made me think about some of my friends from kindergarten.

Believe it or not, I reconnected with some kindergarten friends over Facebook. It's amazing how much we remember - or don't remember - about teachers, friends, and classes.

I don't know where life will take us. But I'm hoping Amara and BestFriend2Amara will have the same kind of friendship as I do with some of these gals.

Who knows - even if she loses touch with them. Maybe three decades later she'll find them on Facebook too.


  1. Hmm...I'm not even sure I remember anyone from my kindergarten class. How neat that you do!

    I think watching two five year old bff's play together is one of the most wonderful things in the world. :)

  2. What a fun outing! Talking about boys already?? I guess I shouldn't talk. All I remember from kindergarten is that I kissed a boy on his cheek. I couldn't even begin to tell you any names - that's great you can still call them friends. I love seeing my kids form bonds with their friends and hoping they also have a long-lasting friendships.

  3. My almost-13 yo is still good friends with 6 girls she met in K. Their friendship has withstood not being in the same classes for some years. I am amazed at what they still have in common.

  4. that is so sweet! do they have fights yet? Little Bear's two best friends are the girl nextdoor and the girl across the street, and they get in fights all the time! Especially when all three are together... all they do is tttle on each other! Anyway I'm glad Amara had such a great night out with her little bff!

  5. Kristen, it's the power of the internet and Facebook!

    Jen, I kissed a boy named Chris in kindergarten too. Oye vey.

    Mom on the Run, thanks for visiting!

    Nicki, no fights yet, thank goodness!


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