Sephora, why must you do this to me?

It has been ages since I've hit Sephora.

My Bare Minerals seems to last eons.

And I've trying to kick my eye shadow and mascara habit.

So when I found the need to go to Sephora, I welcomed it with open arms.

It is after all the mecca of all cosmetics.

I picked up some lip gloss, my perfume, and some foundation.

And that's when Sephora turned evil.

It's like the store employees said, "here, let me tempt you with a nearly $100 treatment for dark eye circles knowing full well you'll love it and will have to scrounge around for months to come up iwth the cash to buy it."


They handed me a sample of this:

It's day three. And I heart it. I can't live without it.


So like a wicked stepmother, Sephora, I love you. Yet I loathe you.

Thanks for introducing me to my new best friend.


  1. Oh...I hear wonderful things about Sephora. I don't have one near by which is probably a good thing because I'd probably be tempted too.

  2. Oh, I'm right there with you...I have so much stuff from there that I shouldn't have to walk through its doors for the next 5 years, but somehow, I always go back for more.
    And now you've given me a new, expensive product to try out!
    Mike thanks you for that...

  3. Free shipping? Wow, that's big of them!

  4. Send them a hand-written letter singing their praises, plus tell them the link to this blog entry, and maybe they'll send you a bunch of free samples! Worth a try!

  5. Hmm...does Sephora sell anything that helps you to lose 40 pounds in 3 days?


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