stay cool

Sunday school was cancelled this past weekend because of the turkey holiday.

Amara had to sit with Dad2Amara in the pew. (I had to work.)

And she was not a happy camper.

With Sunday school, she's able to learn about her religion in young, fun setting. It's a wonderful opportunity for her.

But sitting in the pew, she was getting bored. She was restless.

Thank goodness our church has activity sheets for kids.

So Amara began to complete her sheet.

And this is what she did.

Notice what she added to this?

Apparently to ready herself for Christmas, not only must she be "watchful" but she must always be cool.

That's my girl.


  1. That is great. She is a trend setter. Watch out for this girl - she knows what's going on.

  2. Ha ha ha! They should have those in our church.

    That's a pretty funny girl you've got there. :)

  3. These sheets are literally a God send Sunday mornings!

  4. LOL... That is great advice! "Jesus is coming! Everyone... stay cool!" Ya gotta love that kid!


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