stolen ideas

I am no craft diva.

But Amara and I braved the crowds at the shopping center and hit Michael's to buy a few supplies.

Once I saw these ornaments, I knew I had to steal the idea from Jen at Our Daily Big Top.

And while our handiwork is not as cute as hers, I like them a lot.

And two days from now, Amara's Girl Scout troop will be decorating cookies at the Grey House.

We're doing a gift exchange too. But I instructed each girl that the gifts may not cost more than $5.00.

So Amara decided on a picture frame for her Girl Scout present. But to stay under the price limit, she embellished the frame on her own, painting and pasting accessories.

I'm really proud of her for wanting to make something as her gift.

But I have no idea how crafty moms have the time or the energy to create beautiful work (Amara and I fought half the time she was painting).

I know Amara and I will have another craft filled afternoon while she's on break.

I just need Jen and other moms to give me ideas. [smile...hint, hint!]


  1. Did you have fun making them? They look fantastic!

    She is concentrating hard on that frame...that is something my daughter would love to do.

    What about taking Amara to a paint your own pottery place? Go to lunch (not McDonalds) then paint. Girlfriend, I get all my ideas from other blogs. Try checking out: The Crafty Crow and chica schmica for some inspiration.

  2. We love crafts! Here a few ideas that are relatively simple:


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