got your red on?

Me and Amara do.

And it's all in celebration of Chinese New Year.

I wish you and yours a happy lunar new year.

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

photo credit: George Lu


  1. and to you and Amara too!

    I forgot about the Chinese New Year...this calls for a celebration. Yup, that's what I can tell my husband since I don't have a thing planned for tonight's dinner.

  2. it's also my spouse's birthday - and we are having Chinese for dinner. I hope this will be possible!
    a parent came into my son's class and gave them all oranges, red envelopes and a little fact sheet about New Year's. He also taught them how to use chopsticks. It was very sweet.

  3. Laurie - Happy birthday to Tim!! But I have to admit, maybe your son's friend should teach me how to use chopsticks...

    Jen, hope you enjoyed your dinner :)

  4. I was planning on celeberating CHinese New Year with the kids, but lost track of time until you reminded me! I was going to celebrate it later in the week instead, and was counting on the fact that Little Bear and Pufferfish don't really understand calendars or anything yet anyway, so they never would know the difference! But then when I told Little BEar, she said, "We already celebrated Chinese New Year at school YESTERDAY!" Ugh... friggin' teacher thinks she's so smart, teaching her new stuff before I get the chance!! ;)


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