starting the year with some bling

Amara started 2009 rocking it. (She chose the outfit and all the accessories. Surprised?)

Me? I wish I had a huge rock to flash ya with right now.

But I do have some of my own kind of bling to show off.

MJ over at is also the founder of some phenomenal websites including

A few weeks ago, MJ asked me to take over the Filipina Moms site as she pursues other projects. And I am honored to accept!

This will be a wonderful opportunity for me. And it should kick my rear into gear on blogging more consistently.

Even if you are not Pinay, please take some time to take a look at Filipina Moms and let me know what you think.

And while you're at it, give some loving too!


  1. Love Amara - she definitely knows how to rock it. Congrats on the new opportunity - I may have found you on filipina moms.

  2. Congratulations! I hope this brings even more writing opportunities for you!

  3. Thanks all! I'm really excited for the future!

  4. That's exciting...but uhh where are you going to find all this extra time?

  5. oohhh do I see a new career for you in the future? Congrats on the new opportunity! - Jaci


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